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      • Museum of Death

        In this picture>>>Kathy, Jesse and me
        Last trip up to LA, I went to visit the Museum of Death on Hollywood BLVD. It opens up a new perspective to the meaning of life. The museum had such great history of famous deaths, murders, serial killers, embalming procedures and funeral


        From the left...Jeff Weatherall, me, Amie Thomas, Becky Mendoza and Jesse Heilman
        Today I got to sleep in...that was nice since I have been going non stop ever since I got to Cali. It was a beautiful day so we decided to take a stroll on the beach and pick up trash. We did that for ab

      • Long Beach Grand Prix

        This was the first time I have ever gone to an indy car race. I went to the Long Beach Grand Prix to see my friend race with Jesse. We had the best time cruising through the whole event. There was so much to see. We got to go in the pit before they started the race and check out th

      • New Skate
      • Cali Sunset Cruise

        Weather is warming up and do you know what that means????? That means I am in Cali surfing and doing every other activity I can think of. Pedaling through town is my favorite way to get around. There is so much to do, there are fairs and stores to snoop in and when you add friends t

      • Game Night
      • It would be really sweet if you could pull me into TOWN!!!
      • A Whole NEW MOUNATIN

        I decided to switch things up and take out my new skis that Kessler gave me. What do you know, they feel as great as a Kessler board. I brought these back home with me when I was over in Switzerland at the Kessler factory. The skis felt so great, had a awesome shape and a sleek black look


        I had to take apart the rodel and pack it in my board bag to bring it home from Switzerland. In Europe they use the metric system, so the search for the proper size tools can be tricky. With help from THE THRILL (Will) we were able to put together to legendary rodel. I cannot wait t

      • My Last days on Stratton for the Season
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