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      • Day At The Races.....Thanks Craig Dado

        Opening Saturday was yesterday and me and a group of my friends got to go to the TURF club. The turf club is the nicest section of the race track with the best layout and dinning experience. I was presenting an award and flowers to the owners of the horse that won race 5. We got to

      • Petree's Progress

        It has now been 5 days since we found Petree, and he is getting stronger every day. Every time Jesse, Amie or I peer over that nest he is reaching up and opening his mouth as wide as it can go. More of his fluffy feathers are coming in and is chirping up a storm. We feed him every 1

      • Baby Bird

        The second day that we were in our new place we found a baby bird. The nest was no where to be found and we were unsure what to do. We moved him to the open grass and within minutes the parents found him and were feeding him. They tried to make the pickup but the baby was a little t

      • Sun is Shinning
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