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      • A+J Wedding

        I went home for a week to visit family and friends and to also go to my cousin JB's wedding. The wedding was in Newport, RI. I was an evening affair were hats were very in. HA It was great to catch up with the family since we are all grown up and going our own ways in life now.

      • NEPTUNE 500 RACE

        In August there was a race that was held on Neptune Ave. in Encinitas. The race takes place on a tandem bike (our bike was provided by JONES SODA CO.) The race is about 5 miles long trough the town of Encinitas and it takes about 20 minutes, the only catch is that it is a bar crawl. So th

      • Paddle Board

        Yesterday I went paddle boarding with the crew and of course Gidget. She is a little trooper and enjoyed jumping from one board to the next when she is out on the water with us. Didn't think that she would be that into doing these sorts of activities but she was right along with us as

      • Final Product of Sheetz Bed
      • Custom Bed by Eric Sheetz

        So I have this very creative and talented friend that can make cars from scratch, is a killer mechanic, surfer, and insurance salesmen. He is what you would call a Jack of All trades. I asked him to make me a bed for my room in Cali that would have a coastal flare with my own touch. So he

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